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    Validation of your Accounts


    Produce validation on the account. 

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    Credit Repair

    Restoring bad credit
    Credit bureau dispute



Debt collection attempts are subject to proof-of-claim. If they cannot show documentary evidence that you owe something then you can rightfully object and send them on their way.

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Discover exactly what’s holding your credit score back as your credit repair coach develops a plan perfectly tailored to improve your credit score.

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Your dashboard gives you easy access to the features that matter most. This includes an easy-to-read credit summary and quick access to your up-to-date credit report and score.

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Macklock National Credit is a for-profit consumer assistance company that is currently in the process of qualifying to do business throughout the United States. The company does not offer its services or accept any new clients in any states where it is not qualified to do business nor in the state of Georgia.